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Divinely Aligned Soul Session

Divinely Aligned Soul Session

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The Divinely Aligned Soul Session is a multi-faceted powerhouse of transformation.

When you've tried various methods of healing and transformation, and you still feel stuck in a cycle of negative self talk, you're frustrated, and your goals continue to elude you - this is your roadmap that lights the way.

In this session, we'll do a deep dive into your Akashic records to finally discover who you are at Soul level - your spiritual gifts, your unique Divine blueprint, your cosmic origins, your life lessons, your Soul purpose, and so much more.

This is information you absolutely MUST have if you want to be able to create the life you truly desire. When shedding blocks, false beliefs, and old paradigms, you'll always be shifting into a new frequency.

All too often, people end up shifting out of one incongruent frequency into yet another incongruent frequency, and end up frustrated that their transformation still doesn't get the results they were hoping for.

We'll also uncover all of the invisible roadblocks that have been leading you astray from unlocking your true potential - the programs, false beliefs, blocks and restrictions, soul contracts, curses, and so much more. Not just from this lifetime, but past lifetime karmic baggage that has carried over with you.

This session is so much more than just a reading. Readings are often full of interesting information, but you don't just want information - you want TRANSFORMATION. You'll not only receive the most in-depth, inspirational, and insightful reading of your life, you'll also receive coaching on how to transmute those blocks and restrictions into aligned actions, how to utilize your Soul gifts, a personalized healing protocol to release your blocks and restrictions, and a personalized Soul Blueprint guidebook.

How do you know if this session is for you?

  • If you keep hitting a wall halfway to your goals, finding yourself in the same undesirable situation over and over again, or feel like you're always busy but still stuck in a rut.​
  • You've tried to change your circumstances but the Universe just doesn't seem to be responding.
  • You find yourself in a cycle of negative self-talk over and over again.
  • You have imposter syndrome or don't feel like you fit in anywhere.
  • You've had a million ideas and set more goals than you can count, but...
  • You're stuck on the hamster wheel of life, and not truly living the way you know you're meant to.
  • You're running around in circles, because you can't see the path clearly.
  • You feel unsure and need guidance through your spiritual awakening process.
  • You suffer from chronic pain and illness that doctors can't explain and nothing seems to work.
  • You find yourself chasing every shiny object in your path and aren't sure what to focus on.
  • You feel like something outside of yourself is more in control of your life than you are.
  • You still keep sabotaging yourself, still can’t manifest what you want so badly, you’re still in pain, still snapping at your husband and kids for breathing the wrong way, still feel depressed or anxious and don't know why, and you feel confused about which idea or opportunity you should pursue.

​You're an awakened woman, but you're frustrated.

I'm here to tell you, all of these frustrating symptoms you're experiencing - and the reason everything you've tried hasn't worked yet - have the same root cause.

The reason so many of us struggle to create a life in which we feel truly fulfilled and empowered, is...we have no idea who we actually are at soul level.

This one thing is EVERYTHING.

If you don't know who you are at soul level...
You don't know what choices are aligned to your Divine Nature;
You don't know what your spiritual gifts are or how to use them;
You don't know what actions will actually work to manifest your desires;
You lack clarity on your Soul Purpose;
You don't know what path will bring you abundance, ease, and joy.

And, how could you know these things, after all? We aren't born equipped with soul manuals.

But we are born with Soul Blueprints. And it's your Divine Right to know yours.

This is the truth that's been hidden from us for so long. It's been buried under a history of human struggle for survival. Thousands of years of conditioning, programming, sacrificing, and suppression.

We don't know who we truly are, and we lack conscious awareness of the energetic soul-level karmic patterns and programs influencing our every choice, every action, and, often, every thought.

It's time to change that.

In a Divinely Aligned Soul Session, you'll learn:

✨Who you are at soul level - what the energetic frequency is for your Divine Soul Blueprint and what your spiritual Gifts are - your soul path. This defines how you must show up in the world to unlock your abundance and radiance, and live a life of alignment and ease.

✨The skills your soul has learned through your many incarnations - your soul specializations - as well as what your primary life lesson is.

✨Your Cosmic Origins - are you a star seed, where did your Soul originate from, and how does that play into your spiritual gifts and traits.

✨The negative karmic patterns from past lives and your present life that are still affecting you to this day, that you're ready to heal from. These are the roadblocks preventing you from expressing your Divinity, and we'll bring them into your consciousness for clearing. We'll talk about what happened in your past lives to create those karmic issues, as well as help you identify when and where karmic patterns developed in your present life.

✨Coaching during the session on how to use your Divine Soul Blueprint and spiritual gifts to create a reality that is aligned to your Highest Potential, including guidance on releasing vs. attracting when creating your new reality.

✨A personalized healing and transmutation protocol to release the negative karmic patterns and begin aligning your Soul Blueprint back to its original state of perfection.

✨Coaching on how negative karmic patterns are created, how to recognize when and how they are showing up, how to transmute the patterns, and how to avoid creating new ones going forward.

✨Receive a downloadable recording of the session, done via Zoom, so you have it to refer back to again and again - you'll be getting a ton of information and guidance in an hour!

✨Receive a personalized Divinely Aligned Soul Guidebook pdf that contains the information of who you are at soul level (that we talk about in the session). This is the core of who you are and your guiding light to moving fully into alignment with your Divine Soul.

If you find yourself saying YES to any of these, the Divinely Aligned Soul Session is for you:

💖 You feel a soul calling to find your deeper purpose

💖 You want to tune further in to your intuition and spirit guides

💖 You feel stagnant in your spiritual awakening and know there are more layers to uncover

💖 You want to quantum leap to the most aligned, abundant, joyful version of you

💖 You've tried many routes to transformation, but something is missing

💖 You have shiny object syndrome, and don't know what to focus on

💖 You want to fully embody your role as the Divine Creator of your reality

If you know there's something deep down holding you back, but you haven’t been able to pinpoint it or get past it...

​You've meditated, read spiritual and personal development books, set New Moon intentions, smudged every corner of your property, stuck sticky notes of affirmations to the bathroom mirror...but it's still not happening for you...this is for you, Goddess.

You can finally experience:

💎 Clarity and a strong sense of direction on what kinds of choices to make that are in alignment with your authentic soul

💎 Full healing from the blockages that hold you back and contribute to self-sabotage

💎 Becoming conscious and breaking free of the negative loops you're stuck in on autopilot

💎 Expansion of your awareness and consciousness into higher vibrational frequencies

​💎 Fulfillment that comes with knowing and living your soul purpose

💎 Empowerment to recognize and release the circumstances from your life that are not in your Highest Good

💎 Motivation and momentum required to reach your goals

💎 Transforming your reality and manifesting the life you most truly desire

💎 An open connection with your Highest Self, your guides, and Divine Source

​💎 Owning your role as the powerful Divine Creator of your own reality that you truly are

This powerful, eye-opening process is the light switch to illuminate your soul path within the maze of life.

If you're ready to quantum leap your transformation into the highest, most aligned, abundant, radiant version of the true authentic YOU that you were created to be, you can sign up for a session below on this page.

How this works:

Session are done over Zoom or you can come in person if you're local. Either way, I record the session and send you the link to download it so you can listen again whenever you like. You'll be getting a LOT of information in a hour and will want to re-listen later on.

Immediately after payment, you'll be prompted to schedule your call in the online booking system. Be sure to select your time zone.

You'll then enter the info I need from you to access your Akashic record.

If you don't know your schedule right that minute, don't fret! There's a schedule link in the email receipt you'll receive that you can click later to get on the calendar. It's all good.

​Once you're scheduled, you'll receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link that you'll use to log in to the call when it's time for your appointment.

​And that's it!

In the meantime, I'll be pulling all of the information needed from your Akashic Record and preparing your session, so it'll be ready to go when it's time for the call. You can just relax and carry on as normal until then. Just make sure you mark your calendar!

After the session, you'll receive an email with your session download link, your healing protocol, and your personalized Soul Blueprint guidebook.


I’m so grateful for Neelou’s gift of gathering information from the Akashic records and then communicating the information in a kind and easy to understand way. We did three sessions, first for my two daughters and then for myself. Each time I gained a deeper awareness of both gifts and blocks. I love that Neelou shares how to transform and clear things that are holding us back from being in our Divine Alignment. So grateful!

Tiffany Stewart
Divinely Aligned Soul Session client

For years I’ve done all sorts of types of healing, such as Body Talk, CST, Chakra healing with essential oils, and so on. I’ve enjoyed and had good results from each of them, but in different ways. Neelou told me about the Soul Akashic readings she does. Of course, I wanted to try it, and, let me tell you, I was not disappointed. It gave me insight into why I do certain things, how I feel about things and why I respond the way I do. It was very enlightening and Neelou did a great job of presenting my results to me.  She was very professional, and explained things so I could understand them. Made sure I knew the things that came up from my past could be healed, even those things I didn’t know about. If you’re like me, anytime you do some sort of healing process you want to make sure it’s with someone you totally trust and feel comfortable with - Neelou is that person. I highly recommend Neelou for your Divinely Aligned Soul Reading; you will be very happy you booked with her.

Jeanine Swanson
Divinely Aligned Soul Session client

Neelou provided such a special reading! Everything that she told me about my life, past lives, etc. was incredibly accurate, and it really helped piece all the pieces together after that. I now feel more aware and conscious of certain habits I can unlearn to actively make a change in this lifetime that benefits my soul for lifetimes to come! I am so grateful to have had this opportunity for awareness, growth, etc!

Divinely Aligned Soul Session client




Q: Can you give me a summary of what I learn in the session?

A: You'll learn your Divine Soul Blueprint and who you are at soul level. It's all about learning what energetic frequencies comprise your soul makeup, what your spiritual gifts are, and how to operate within your own Divine frequency to use your gifts to unlock your abundance and radiance. This is your Soul Path, and shows you what to focus on and what distractions to ignore, as well as what percentage of your current choices are already aligned to your Soul Path, so you have a better understanding of where you are on your journey. You'll learn your soul specializations, and what your primary life lesson is.

You'll also find out what negative karmic patterns are affecting you from both your present and past lives, how they got there (what events took place and what choices you made that created them), and how to transmute and release them. You'll receive coaching during the session and a personalized healing protocol to accomplish this. These are the invisible roadblocks that prevent you from being able to fully express your Divinity, and keep you locked in negative patterns that hide in your subconscious.

Included is a downloadable recording of the session for you to keep, which is done over Zoom.

Q: Will I find out about my past lives?

A: The Divinely Aligned Soul Session includes some past life information, to the extent that it's relevant for your transformation. You'll learn what karmic patterns you're still carrying from past lives, and the stories around how they got there. I don't go into irrelevant details that didn't directly contribute to the negative karma, both because it would distract from the focus on transformation that this work is meant for, and it would make the entire process much longer.

Past life readings just for interesting information would be an entirely different session.

Q: Can I get a session about my kids or spouse/partner?

A: ​Yes, actually, you can. Under the condition that your children are still minors under your care and authority, you can get readings on them. For spouses and partners, as long as your lives are fully intertwined to the extent that their consequences are your consequences, then you can get a reading on them.

You can also do healing and clearing work on behalf of your children or partner (as long as the previously mentioned conditions are met), but keep in mind that you cannot do the actionable work for them, nor can you force them to change or accept the information if they do not wish to.

For partners that have separation in their lives, such as not living together and not sharing bills or children, etc., you cannot get a reading on them without their permission. Each individual soul's Akashic Records are private, and cannot be accessed without their permission, except in the previously mentioned circumstances where you do have energetic authority.

If you aren't sure whether you have the energetic authority to ethically get a reading on someone, you probably don't, but you can email me at and we can discuss to determine for sure.

Q: What if I change my mind after sign-up? Can I cancel and get a refund?

A: If you purchased a session, but HAVE NOT yet scheduled it, you can request a refund via email within three days of your purchase. You'll be refunded the amount you paid, less a 5% admin fee (mostly to cover the credit card processing fees I cannot recoup).

If you have already scheduled your session, I've likely already started working on pulling the information from your record (much work is done for you before we ever get on the call), so no refund will be available.

Q: How soon can I schedule my session?

A: As soon as you complete your purchase, you'll be prompted to schedule your session, which will take place over Zoom. The calendar will only show appointments at least three days out, and no more than 30 days out. You can typically expect to choose an available appointment time within 1-2 weeks from the day you purchase, based on availability.

If you don't know your schedule, you can delay actually scheduling your appointment after purchase. Save your receipt email, because it has the link you'll use to schedule when you're ready.

My business hours for appointments are Monday & Wednesday 10:00am - 3:30pm and Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday 10:00am - 4:00pm in the Central Time zone (CDT or CST).

Be sure to choose YOUR CORRECT TIME ZONE when booking your appointment so you log into the call at the correct time.


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