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Detailed Chakra Analysis Reading

Detailed Chakra Analysis Reading

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Get a full rundown on the state of your Chakra system with this detailed analysis.

You'll receive a report on the current status of nine Chakras in total:

Earth Star
Solar Plexus
Third Eye
Soul Star

Each Chakra will be analyzed at three levels - the physical body, the emotional body, and the mental body.

You'll know whether each Chakra is balanced, underactive, or overactive at each level, and to what percentage of capacity they are operating.

Your report will include information on symptoms that show up with each type of imbalance, and what aspects each Chakra has domain over.

You can finally KNOW what areas of your energy body are out of alignment so you can address the underlying issues and get back on track.

Your report will be sent to you as a pdf within three business days of purchase!

As a bonus, you'll also receive a FREE copy of my ebook The Awakened Soul's Guide to Chakra Goodness, so you have a comprehensive resource of methods to bring each Chakra back into balance and optimal functioning.

headshot of Neelou Saleh, Reiki Master and Akashic PractionerNeelou Saleh
Reiki Master, Akashic Practioner, Energy Artist
Spirit of Lotus Healing Arts


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