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Crystal Prescription

Crystal Prescription

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"There's a crystal for that!" - Me

Crystal Prescription is a personalized service for your specific problem. I fully believe that no matter what you're facing, there's a crystal (or three) that can help tremendously with overcoming the issue.

After purchase, you'll receive a questionnaire to gather necessary information about what you need help with.

Within three business days of you returning the questionnaire (which will only take you a few minutes to complete), you'll receive a recommendation of three crystals to help you, along with information on what the crystals do, how to use them, and mantras to use with each one.

The information you receive is NOT what you find perusing the internet! The internet is full of both useful and highly inaccurate information regarding crystal work.

With the Crystal Prescription, you're guaranteed to receive the most accurate and helpful information and techniques available from a highly experienced Certified Advanced Crystal Master.

Your Crystal Prescription will arrive in your email as a pdf attachment with everything you need to know.

Examples of issues you may seek out a Crystal Prescription for:

Healing the heart
Calming stress
Physical well-being
Emotional well-being
Enhancing intuition
Assist with meditation
Improve focus
Better quality sleep
Lucid dreaming
Forgiveness of self and others
Third Eye Awakening
Shielding and protection
Activating your creative center
And more, depending on your circumstances.

No crystals will be sent with this order, this is for the personalized recommendations only.

headshot of Neelou Saleh, advanced crystal master

~Neelou Saleh
Certified Advanced Crystal Master
Certified Crystal Practitioner
Spirit of Lotus Healing Arts


Note: This is not medical advice or treatment, and not to be construed as such. If you have a medical concern, please consult your doctor or seek medical attention.


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